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L' É V O L U T I O N   N O I R 

L'Évolution Noir represents the life and death of all things, and what it means to leave this life with nothing left to give. It is a morose exploration of the human condition through the medium of raw materials such as plaster, ink, wood, water, and charcoal salvaged from an old fire. The use of these materials is symbolic of the connection to the earth that the human race lacks, the journey of self-improvement, and the importance of death. The charcoal serves as a metaphor for the pain and suffering that comes with evolution, as well as the inevitable process the death of ones old self. The black color symbolizes the duality of light and dark, the acceptance of both positive and negative aspects of existence and the finality of our existence. Each piece is a profound reflection of my own journey, and a representation of the human condition. The series is intended to provoke introspection, contemplation, and acceptance of the importance of death as an intrinsic aspect of human existence. The charcoal has a beautiful effect on the pieces, when a light is shone on them, they sparkle, giving us a glimpse of how beautiful the death of one's old self can be if given the right attention. 

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