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The black series pieces are made of plaster, organic ink, wood,  water, and charcoal that was salvaged from an old fire.


The wood, water and organic ink represent earth, because without earth we would not exist. nor would this series.. The plaster is the physical form of my emotion. The shapes I am creating are a representations of that. Moved by the pain and suffering one has to go through in order to become their best self (the fire). The trials and tribulations of growth and making change is finding away to do whats most challenging in life and kill the old self that you love so much (the charcoal). By doing this you make room for new habits. Given the opportunity to shine (when you shine a flashlight on this series you will see the charcoal dance) representing your best self. The colour, represents the yin and yang in life. Without darkness we would never see the light.

the devil on your shoulder

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